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Stemmed from the love of riding dirt bikes and passion to tell stories with cameras, Will Embree started SMXPICTURES

Realizing a high demand for photography among motocross athletes, Will developed a platform to simplify the delivery of photos to all riders. To date, SMXPICTURES houses well over 300,000 original photographs made available for sale. On any Sunday you can see Will snapping pics at your local races. Perhaps sometime soon you'll see a few more faces join the camera crew.  

Outside of the motocross track, SMXPICTURES offers a variety of professional photography services for company branding and marketing campaigns. We work with brands and athletes who have a story to tell or a product to sell. 

Will is also a contributing, published media photographer and journalist for motorcycle media outlets like Ultimate Motorcycling, CycleNews and Swap Moto Live. ​

See you out there✌️


In addition to the direct-to-consumer high volume photography, SMXPICTURES works on a professional business-to-business basis serving brands and media with visual marketing content.

Checkout some of our latest work here.

Whether it is a product release, athlete feature, special event or race day, the visuals that are put out for the world to see must encompass the true identity of your brand. It is our mission to work closely with clients to achieve harmony between your brand and your audiences.

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