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2024 Swapmoto Live 250 Shootout

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October 2023


Fox Raceway

Back for the second year in a row, Swapmoto Live hired SMXPICTURES to photograph the 2024 250 shootout event at Fox Raceway.

Here's what goes down at a shootout as said by Swapmoto Live, "It’s time to gather all of the current 2024 250 MX bikes, a handful of test riders, and technicians from every manufacturer. [The test riders are asked] to ride [the bikes] back-to-back to see how they stack up against one another. This year, the only all-new bikes are the Gas Gas MC250F and Yamaha YZ250F; the other four machines return with minimal or no changes at all. While the Gas Gas is all-new for the brand only because the ’23 model did not get the chassis updates that the other two Austrian machines did, the Yamaha boasts an all-new chassis and bodywork, as well as revised suspension settings and some engine upgrades in search of greater durability."

Head over to to learn all the details on how the bikes ranked. Oh, and please enjoy the photos:)

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